projects i’m working on now

I’m posting here a little list of my current projects, i’m making the exercise as much for other people than for myself, to remember me what i have to work on, so there is:

1- Cthulhu live 2.0, that is coming pretty well now. Most of the props are done and the scenario is finished, may be happening in February.

2-Steampunk exposition, which is a group project with two of my good friends. At the time I’ve almost completed the exposition catalogue, but there is still some papers to do before beginning to send the project file to galleries. Also I’m planning to organise a new steampunk wild photoshoot in the city like the last one we did in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC, my city, with a lot of friends. You can see the resulting shots here

3- Cthulhu live 3.0, yes yes I’ve already begin to work on the third live I’m planning to do. that is to say, I’ve work for about one year on the 2.0 so I’ve to plan things ahead.

4- Whamola bass, this project is waiting about one thing for its completion : the installation of my new press drill, that will permit me to finish the holes in the body that will host the pickup, jack and the pots. After that done i will still have to apply the finish on the instrument but it is really taking shape

5- retro theremin, another instrument, electronic this one. I’ve begin to work on this one recently but i have to case almost finished and aged, the jack and three switches are installed. I will send a command for all the electronic components at mouser soon. Still a bit of soldering ahead.

6- Steampunk bass, which will be a more conventional instrument but heavily stylised, actually a little pile of planed maple planks in the workshop and a pickup lying around, lot of job on this one to come…

these are the projects i can remember now, there should be some more lying around in my head that will pop out sometimes, but that is for today..

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2 Responses to projects i’m working on now

  1. Serj says:

    All of your projects are, as always, interesting. I didn’t knew about your steampunk bass, neither that you wanted a new photoshoot in town… but I want to be there…

    Also… glad to hear that the Cthulhu live project are going well, and Im sure it’ll help everyone to wait a little more : We just can’t wait… :D

    Lets talk about all of these projects at our Raclette next week.

  2. cephalopodprods says:

    i did not talked a lot about my bass project because i’m only beggining to plan how it will look like, it is still very far from being playable…For the photoshoot 2.0 i wanted to take more photos this time (but i will still be available to model) in opposition to the last time, i’m preparing some props for this one, i shall post them here soon.

    see you tonight at the raclette!

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