Pictures soon

Yep! I will post some pictures of my completed projects (but not the photos i took of my cthulhu live props, I will keep the surprise for the players) this week. I had some problems with them, not taking them – which was a lot of fun – but having them developped. I headed to L.L.Lozeau last week with my negative in hand and lend it to them, it will be ready in 3 days, okay. So I wait these three days and so, yesteray I retruned back there and asked for my photos, they give me the little envellope and I pay them and return to school for my sculpture course. After this one I stopped to take a look to them and what do i discover, in the envellope there was six photos (only 6?) and all the photos were of a little girl on a couch, What! i packed up all the stuff back and got to my afternoon course with the firm intention to return to the shop after. But, my classmates decides to do a little practice for an oral presentation so I was unable to get my photos. I got home, slept, waken up and finally got back to Montreal and, finally I return the little girl photos to the shop and they handed me my real photos! (I checked). so (if I find some time) I should scan these pictures this week and put some of them here and all of them on my DeviantArt page (the link is somewhere on the right).

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