finally I scanned them today. These are some props that I made for fun first and that may be used in some future games (but not in the two that are coming now, I keep these props secret for my players), here it is:



this is a prop i made, that may be used for a future cthulhu live game of mine. It is a cardboard box covered with jute and attached with some rope, on one side there is a miskatonic universty stamp with the adress and on the underside the word “fragile” is written by hand. All of this was weathered and distressed to achieve that finish.

this is a little prop i made, that may be used in a future cthulhu live adventure of mine. It is made of an metal armature with papier mache on it and a texture made with wood putty, with an paint job on top of that.


this is two-pieces prop that may be used in a future cthulhu live game. It is a little glass bottle full of the strange powder of Ibn-Ghazi with a scroll of aged paper with the recipe to make some more of this powder (transcribed from the Al-Azif and crypted with two codes : one grid code and a ceasar-style code) This prop is based on H.P. Lovecraft writings, a great american horror writter.
prop dynamite stick, made from real dynamite photos, it is constructed on a heavy paper core and the final layer of paper is oxydized and varnished.
this is a little handheld lamp made from old lamp sockets and various metal scraps, the handle is also covered in recuperated leather. This one could serve in cthulhu live games but will surely be included in my upcoming steampunk /post-apoc photoshoot
lamp inspired of an invention of Nikola Tesla (american inventor), the tesla coil, mostly made from recuperated material, the only new pieces are the bulbs and the sockets.
So this is my completed projects and props for now, I’ve been happy to return back to physical works after a while only doing skechup plan for physical projects.
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One Response to Photos!

  1. Jan Ramp says:

    Hi, I’m interested in using the image of your dynamite stick in an interpretation panel. I’ve been looking for good photos of authentic looking sticks, but had no luck, your prop would do the trick for what I’m doing. Its about a historic quarry site, I want to explain the old drill holes that are still visible in the rockface. Do you think we could come to some kind of agreement re: the reproduction of part of that image? I would use it as a clear-cut photo. Looking forward to your reply.
    Jan Ramp, Waiheke Island, New Zealand.

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