Some props for you to print

I decided, after posting these photos, that I should post some documents if some people wanted to print their own props of dynamite stick or letters. The first one is the dynamite stick, to make a prop like the one i did you have to find a core on which to construct the prop, I’ve used a bunch of regular paper rolled tight and taped with other layers of paper on top to smooth the transition, the final layer is the printed document aged with an oxydant and slightly varnished, for another core option that I should try soon, there is choco-gummy(tm) containers that are exactly the good size and are very strudy. After you finished with final paper layer add a little cord and that’s it.


The second document is to print some miskatonic hotel letter paper for you to write some insane letters send by occupants and travelers that stopped into the most known hotel in Arkham. So there are the documents:



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