Yep, I’m now making a lot of noise, which I call music but basicly it is just some random squarewave. Did you figured out what I did? Yes an atari punk console, because like I said before I received my parts from mouser. So last weekend I soldered this little beast and put it in a little box that I’ve made for something else before and made a lot of nice sounds with it. I beggined with this little project prior to my theremein to familiarize myself with soldering on borad, so I will be able to make a better instrument after. So I put soime physical things here for you to see and hear:


I learned how to use this wonderful software that is eagle and made a little schematic of my apc.

Got some problems with uploading sound to this page (don’t seem to recognize audio files) so I’ll try to post the sound another time.

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