updates for the cthulhu live event

This little one is to inform my players that I am progressing on the preparation of the said event. The place where it will take place begin really much to look finished (still some little stuff like moldings to install). So, I am asking you to send me your backgrounds in word documents in my email, so I will be able to check a last time my scenario to make it better for you to play. Also it should be trhe time for you to begin to look out for costumes (those who don’t already have one). But there is still a couple of weeks of work for me to put on this so it isn’t for tomorrow.

…and for those who don’t know where to look for their costumes : http://www.villagedesvaleurs.com/fr/whoweare/pq.php and http://www.armeedusalut.ca/magasins beside the habitual “churches sales”, these are your best bets.

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