More electronic sound!

Yep, finally I got myself working on my theremin…and three hours later, I put the final soldering to the board and set myself to make the adjustments. It really sounds good, actually better than I thought it would. It is based on the minimum theremin schematic, which is really simple and easy to solder, even when made on perf-board (this was my second real circuit soldered and I only forgot to do one trace). I added a little amp and a speaker to make the thing more portable, and also put all this stuff in a wood case that I made. the only thing left to do is to find the way I will attach the antenna to the case… but anyway it is playable and I’m happy of it. Next one on the list, the mixer/synth in a briefcase, that will be really helpfull to record our jam sessions of ssqpn:gl, For those who are interested in photos, I should post some here when I’ll get my hand on a digital camera…

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