New game props

I’m making props once again. This time it was for an tabletop game of call of cthulhu role playing game that happened last weekend. Based on real events that happened in the 50’s in the Dyatlov pass (named after the event). The adventure included an geology expedition financed by the miskatonic university going to oterton city, Russia to investigate on an unknown rock found there on the Kholat Syakhyl Mt., the strange death of nine other russian university students in the area, a complete tribe of evil Mansi, amputations and lots of fun. The adventure was completed in two evening/night sessions and inspired me to complete the prop collection for this adventure (and maybe publish the scenario on this blog, if someone is interested).

For now I will post some images of some props, as a teaser for the scans that are coming soon.






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4 Responses to New game props

  1. Andy Tagg says:

    Love the work – I can’t wait till I get back to playing CoC again. Just wondered if you had seen this article
    on the incident with some nice photos.

  2. cephalopodprods says:

    yes I’ve seen the article and it’s even what inspired me first for this scenario. Look out here in a little while I will post my complete scenario.

  3. docfusion says:

    Love your props- particularly the archaelogical label.Keep up the good work :). I do a bit of prop making for my fantasy games when I get the chance – like this magic potion phial Take it easy.

  4. cephalopodprods says:

    thanks! Feel free to use any of the props I did for your game if you need them.

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