New game props (suite)

This is the suite of the last post, now with scanner.


this is the first telegram (of three) that was received by the players. The prop is made simply with the HPLHS western union blank telegram. And like the authentic ones, the text was added after the telegram was printed.

telegram2 telegram3


Now on the medical examiner reports, these are the layouts I did in Photoshop, printed on fine paper and cooked for 1-2 mintes, just to bring up a little yellowish tint, filled by hand with a fountain pen and that’s it.

 report2 report3  report4 report5 report6 report7 report8 report9

Now a little drawing of the guide that conducted the players to the mountain. This character is an half russian, half Mansi men and I wanted to show the players a bit how he would looks like…


In adition of these props, I also did a map of the surroundings of the Kholat Syakhyl, but it is kinda hard to scan…too big

Finally, a steamship pass, that the players purchased to return back to the US after their crazy russian adventure…made in photoshop, as usual



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