mountains of madness

I continued the game itself with my players and took a lot of time creating props for it last week. Among them, there is the classical newspaper clippings, the equipment manifest for the starkweather moore expedition, letters, telegrams, a transport crate that will be used to store specimens, a crystal radio like the ones that could be used as trail radios, the plans of the S.S. Gabrielle and some other miscellanous paper stuff.

I will not be able to begin to post them since a little time because my current access to internet is becoming scarce and I dind’t found the time to photography all this stuff. but I still have an image for you, it is a little background picture in the mood of BTMOM. To realize the back of this image I took one of the roerich paintings that lovecrafts refeer to when he describes the mountains.

btmom background copie

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One Response to mountains of madness

  1. Propnomicon says:

    This is a beautiful piece of work.

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