things are on the way

Actually, we are in a quiet period for the BTMOM scenario, because my players are kind of non-available, so I got back working on older stuff, like the Kholat Syakhyl scenario, which is becoming beter and better. For now I almost finished the redaction and the main layout of the pages. The next step will be to make the illustrations and to insert them in the text. For this scenario (which is my first one) I will try to end up with something that has the professional look, and all the details of a good scenario.

If you’re interested in this scenario, just keep watching as I will post updates and maybe some previews of the final piece. When I’ll be finished with this one I might start up another one, but for now I don’t have any scenario ideas that are woth it. Actually, the Kholat Syakhyl, was really my best home-made scenario, and that’s why i’m putting all that effort in it.

Concerning mountains of madness, all the props I am procducing as handouts for my interpretation of the game are centered around the strakweather-moore expedition, to keep things more original and also because, the friendly guy at propnomicon did an incredible job  with the 1930-31 miskatonic expedition stuff.

Last thing, there is also another prop project on my list now, and it isn’t linked to any of my other projects. It is a phone directory of the three major cities of H.P. Lovecraft country : arkham, kingsport and innsmouth. as always, I used period reference to recreate this directory. Preview:

 cover copie (2)

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One Response to things are on the way

  1. Michael Blum says:

    I’ve got a selection of telegraph forms at … Currently my own Cthulhu-era research is focussed on a Pulp Adventure game set in the 1930s, still using CoC rules (mostly) though. Lots of information on vehicles and so forth, at

    Great stuff you’re making here!

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