long time…

Yes, indeed, university is taking quite a bit of time, and so I wasn’t able to post a lot on this blog lately. I’ve worked on my scenario and on my directory a little bit,  but it may take some time till i’ll post them in finished version here.

Also I will put some pages of these projects up here for you in the next days, because I’ve really neglected this blog for too long, so in the next weeks or day I should start putting articles and photos here, plus the habitual downloadable high quality props…

finally back to normal

oh…and I don’t know if I ever posted anything here about my whamola, but I’ve finally took some photos of this lovely instrument that I finished this summer …


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2 Responses to long time…

  1. Tell me what this is so I can blog it for Make: Online! :) Some kind of electrified monochord? Is there video/sound someplace?

  2. cephalopodprods says:

    in fact it is a whamola, a one string electric bass with a pitch lever at the top. It was based on the les claypool’s one that is made from an aluminium bar, but for me, wood was more accessible. Here’s the link to another photo, this one of the pitch lever:


    I made some recordings of the sound of this instrument that I can send you but no video for now.

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