new stuff

here are some previews of my scenario, set in russia. these are the two first pages of it, with introduction and identification of the main characters :

page1 copie (2)

 page2 copie

 and this is what my directory of lovecraft’s country will look like, I paid attention to include all the names of lovecraft’s characters, from all of his stories and to put them in their city of residence, plus, of course a lot of other names taken from a lot of sources to fill in all these pages and of course the many shop and restaurants presents in these cities.

 page0 copie

 page1 copie

and a little plus that I made for BTMOM, it is some stickers that will be used to seal pemmican packages that the expedition will bring as main protein source on the ice. While I was making these, I got the idea that I should make some real pemmican blocks, as these would make great ambience props for the game in question, if I end up doing them, I will post photos and a little tutorial on making them on this blog.

pemmican stickers

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3 Responses to new stuff

  1. Propnomicon says:

    I can’t tell you how happy I am that you’re back. As usual, your work is incredible.

  2. cephalopodprods says:

    thanks, I really got to come back one day, this summer I was cut from my access to internet so it was kind of a dead period but I will put myself back to work now…

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