I never mentionned it on this blog but I am studying in visual arts at the university right now. It is explaining my lack of activity and free time for prop making actually. But, in counterpart, there is great things about studying arts, like having access to an incredible engraving studio. So actually-almost as I write this with my ink-stained hands-I’m working on a copper plate with a technique called mezzotint, which produces extremely detailed and smooth prints. Here is a really nice site explaining the process of mezzotint :

So, if you are lucky (and also if I’ not too lazy) you will be able to see some proofs that I’m printing now in the days to come. I didn’t started the final edition because there is still some work to do on the plate but it is close to completion.

the other main project that is keeping me really busy these days is a series of paintings, more specifically three portraits that I’m really proud of. They are quite small but I tried to work out the most detail I could on the images. I’m also planning to frame them in some custom-made wooden frames. Some photos of that might pop up here too someday.

and like you can see, I’m taking the liberty of expanding the scope of my blog to my entire range of projects not only those who are mythos or steampunk oriented. I thought that it might be interesting to share these with you here as I don’t showcase them anywhere else and because I’m becoming to really appreciate the blog medium for this kind of things.

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