Remember the paintings that I talked about in some posts recently? I finally took some photos…

So, the project that started with the first portrait – the girl with green hair falls – painted this summer, grew up and inspired me something bigger. A collection of paintings, linked together conceptually and graphically aroud the main concept of the symbolism of resistance . Symbolism, from tattoo symbolsim or cryptic alchemic symbols, to bilaterral alphabet inscriptions. This symbolism serving a resistance against mainstream, mass media and traditionnal thinking in general. Prefering to these, counterculture, political activism (mostly anarchism) and self-expression. Also, another point brough in the portraits is the opposition of hermetic symbolism and sensuality of the body, which are often superposed in my images.

This project elaborated itself as I painted new works and looked for similarities in the content and in the form of these paintings. I would really love to see this series becoming a complete exposition and I’m currently working toward this goal…

So here’s the photos :








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