super productivity mode

This is kind of how I am now, in a super productive mode…I’m rushing to finish all of my current projects : an interactive flash website with lots of stop motion animations, a complex robotic sculpture, which will play metal drums and junk, a series of paintings and some wheatpasting stuff, and an edition of my mezzotint plate – which I will try do to today. So my days looks a lot like : wake up, take the bus, assist to courses, take the bus again and go home to work on projects till I cannot stay awake anymore, repeat the process…

Its a lot of fun and really motivating to work on such a big bunch of projects all at the same time, it really helps keep the creativity and inspiration at its top.

This is why I just don’t have time to post any of these works (which aren’t finished anyway) for now, so it’s normal if the blog is kind of dead these days but it will overflow of new stuff pretty soon, just keep watching…

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