12 hour comic event

This last weekend, me and 4 of my friends (2 were drawing) decided to launch a little event. It was in preapration for the 24 hour comic day, that is happening yearly. So we gathered in the basement of my friend Serj, with our arsenal of pencil, brushes, shapie markers and paint and
stayed in there for twelve hours straight, drawing comics. Our initial goal was to do 12 pages each in 12 hours, but at 2 in the morning when I looked at what was done, I realized that I had only done 6 pages and a half… but it is ok, i’m really happy of the result, considering that it was the first time in many years that I did comics and without preparation or written scenario, pure improvisation. During the course of the event we decided to make a little home-made publication that will hold the total outcome of the event : 20 pages of comics – including 3 multi pages stories and some one-page fillers, color and black and white, plus some photos of the realisation of these pages. Here are the pages that I did, some photos of the event are following too.

 tom page1 copie

tom page2 copie

tom page3 copie

tom page4 copie

tom page5 copie

tom page6 copie

tom page7 copie





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