Interactive flash website project

Yesterday was the day of the presentation of my interactive website for my web design course.The concept at the heart of this project is to reuse and reinterprete an object and to create an interactive experience based on this object. I started with the tattoo machine, as main object because of his esthetical, visual and conceptual properties, from there I made a navigation based on the machine itself :
-to access to the main menu, you have to the the words “la machine” by clicking all of the little bolts aligned on the page, there is 9 bolts, and 9 letters corresponding to them in the two words.
-Once you got to the main menu, you have to click on the different parts of the two views of the machine to acess to the subpages.
-Every subpage is showing the particular part of the machine you clicked alone on a white background and an animation of some tattoo flash being drawn is playing, at every moment in the video you can stop and restart the animation by rollover and rollout of the machine part.
Here are some pictures of the site and his different pages, I could’nt put the entire site on the web because it is really too weighty and also because I didn’t wanted to find a server to host it and pay for a domain.

 solution graphique_3


 001 (2)

 001 (3)

 001 (4)


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3 Responses to Interactive flash website project

  1. Maël says:

    Hey, you know, I kind have a server lying around waiting for stuff to put on. So, if you want me to upload this, just send me your .swfs and I’ll be happy to host them on.

  2. cephalopodprods says:

    nice!, but not for this site, it is really too big and not so useful, but maybe for my portfolio, that i’m going to do next…

  3. Tattoos are like stories — they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life. —-PAMELA ANDERSON

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