matchbooks project is on is way.

I worked quite a lot on my matchbooks project lately. It will be a sculptural art piece composed of a little wooden reliquary filled with white matchbooks. and in each of the matchbooks will be a little drawing of a tool…Visitors will be invited to take one the matchbooks with them, slowly emptying the reliquary. Oh and I forgot to mention that it will be displayed in a library… farenheit 451 anyone?

Here are some of the drawings I made at this time, sorry for the pretty bad scan but as always I cruely lack of a digital camera.

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3 Responses to matchbooks project is on is way.

  1. kseverny says:

    cool sketches.
    even cooler idea

  2. cephalopodprods says:

    thank you, I’m working hard to complete this piece actually and I will post photos of the finished piece and the show soon, keep watching.

  3. cakke says:

    Love this idea!

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