projects going on…

Busy, busy finals indeed! I didn’t really had time to blog about my last project for a while. And even now I got to do it fast because I’m printing another lithography today.

But what I’ve been working on lately is mostly printmaking and woodworking : I’ve got two new color and black lithographys in the works and I’m slowly beginning to look at traditionnal japanese woodblock printing, also starting to experiment with home-made barens.

On the woodworking side, I’m making myself a little collection of japanese woodworking tools, for now I’ve got a chamfer plane, a mini-plane and a marking gauge, mostly done with hand tools. there is a reason why I used hand tools to make these : refining my skills for a much bigger project, which is, a workbench. I’m planning to make myself a workbench latter this summer, mostly occidental in form, but completely assembled with japanese joinery.

And last thing, I just finished the framing of 6 portraits I recently did of some friends of mine for a school project, here’s one, it’s graphite on paper :

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