don’t worry I’m still into props

And I have inspiration! Recently I found an intriguing book at a used book store, nothing fancy on the outside but the title struck me :  Mu the lost continent. I got even more interested when I realised the the book was some kind of a complete argumentation with diagrams and illustrations about the existence of this mythical continent. Mu or lemuria was mentionned in some of Lovecrafts stories like mountains of madness and the call of cthulhu. And that plus the reading of the book gave me an idea: a prop set based on the writings of the author of the book, complete with notepads full of notes and sketches, clay tablets, photographs and artefacts but with a Lovecraftian touch (wihch is not really hard to imagine in fact). So I began this week to work on this bunch of props and really enjoy going into propmaking again. I include a little thing I did for these too, it’s the cover of a notepad I designed based on an old eaton catalog I found in a house about to be demolished (I made scans of this one and might put them here as a pdf soon).

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2 Responses to don’t worry I’m still into props

  1. ilucifera says:

    Uhm…I think there’s a typo “writting” should be “writing” (I guess?)
    Btw Thank you for making al these lovely posts
    hope to see new props soon!

  2. cephalopodprods says:

    thanks, I just didn’t seen it.

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