futuristic laser pistol prop

Another thing that kept me busy these days and that I just completed recently is another futuristic prop I did for my enjoyment. it is some kind of laser pistol ans I inspired myself a bit from the fallout game weapons for this one.

It is made mostly out of mdf (as you will see because i took some rare build pics) and it was made in multiple pieces that could be painted and assembled after, to make things easier. I also added a little green led in the barrel that is switched on and off by the little metal switch on the top of the gun…last little feature is the unscrewable “cell” that is attached under the gun…here comes the pics :

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2 Responses to futuristic laser pistol prop

  1. Von Clinton says:

    Hi, i was wondering if it were possible to purchase your already made props? Im a college student, and im creating an independent film and want a few futuristic weapon props in my film. If it is possible let me know thanks

  2. Tom PM says:

    Hi, I’m not selling the ones that I have already made but I can take commissions for other ones that could be made specifically for your movie, if you are interested, send me an email at tommy_pm@hotmail.com and we’ll talk about that.

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