steampunk scroll wheel

Yes, I’m back blogging here, and I’m pretty happy to be.  Because that means I now have some free time to put on projects, rather than on school stuff only. As usual, I’ve kept myself busy throughout the semester with a bunch of projects. I will write other articles on these projects soon, but for now I present you the last one I worked on : a steampunkish scroll wheel (something that serves the same purpose as the scroll wheel on your mouse but bigger, smoother and who turns by itself for a little while when you give it a spin).

First inspired by a post on Make , I decided to build this little thing because it would be quite useful in some of the programs I use usually and because I wanted a project to try the new dremel tool I just bought. But rather than making one like all the other ones you can see on instructables, made in a plastic box and merely kluged together, I wanted mine to look well in addition to work well. That’s why I choose brass and maple wood as the main materials for it, note that all the hardware, mouse circuit, counter, piece of brass, well, all the things that composes this project were salvaged from old radios or recuperated from various sources. Next are some build pictures, because we all like that kind of images…

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2 Responses to steampunk scroll wheel

  1. Paul Barnett says:

    Hello there,

    By any chance are your props for BTMOM available for purchase?

    If they are, let me know.

    Paul Barnett

  2. Tom PM says:

    Hi! if you are really interested I might sell some of them. You can contact me at and we can talk about a price.

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