futuristic laser pistol prop

Another thing that kept me busy these days and that I just completed recently is another futuristic prop I did for my enjoyment. it is some kind of laser pistol ans I inspired myself a bit from the fallout game weapons for this one.

It is made mostly out of mdf (as you will see because i took some rare build pics) and it was made in multiple pieces that could be painted and assembled after, to make things easier. I also added a little green led in the barrel that is switched on and off by the little metal switch on the top of the gun…last little feature is the unscrewable “cell” that is attached under the gun…here comes the pics :

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coffin-shaped armoire, commission project

This is the main project that have kept me in the workshop these days…it’s was commissioned by a friend of mine for her new apartment. It is made entirely of pine wood and mdf, the sides are made using traditional panel and frame construction and the back is shiplapped. I think it is my most ambitious project to date and I’m really happy of how it turned out in the end considering that it was made in a very short period of time, my friend had given me a deadline 2 weeks after the commission.

some photos now…

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cyberpunk computer prop done

I’ve been buried under projects recently, one coming after another and this happening during the back to school period just didn’t help to keep me updating this blog…anyway, now I’ve got photos and a couple of finished project to show up and some progress pics too.

So first project, one I already blogged about here is my cyberpunk inspired props, here are some final shots of the computer prop-thingy. It is made mostly out of mdf with two color styrene sheet screwed either side of the main mdf piece. there is a green led inside illuminating the little circuit board and the fan is working too.


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cyberpunk project

I have seen blade runner recently…for the third time and really this movie is inspiring. So I started a little project with friends that revolve around a cyberpunk universe. The project in itself is a photoshoot that would need a good batch of props. And it is of these props that this post will talk about. I only have photos of one of the many props that I’m maing for this shoot but I thought it could interest someone to see how I was making them. So the pictures you see here are of the construction of a little computer thingie prop…

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new england architecture

These last days I’ve been on a trip to new england…more specificaly to boston, salem, newport and the surroundings. I got there mainly to take photos because I’m a real architecture geek and new england’s architecture has always attracted me. I was also interested in trying to capture the feel of gloom, decrepitude and age that is present in Lovecraft’s stories, like the shadow over Innsmouth. So I took my camera, bought some film and got down to new england to try to achieve this goal. Upon seeing the photos, I think I was able to get that specific feel and I’m quite happy of the results. The only thing left to do is to find how am I going to use these photos, they sure will make awesome props…

Here are some of my favorites, put in black and white and aged a bit…feel free to use for any prop project that you might have or any other thing you could think of.

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