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new england architecture

These last days I’ve been on a trip to new england…more specificaly to boston, salem, newport and the surroundings. I got there mainly to take photos because I’m a real architecture geek and new england’s architecture has always attracted me. … Continue reading

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don’t worry I’m still into props

And I have inspiration! Recently I found an intriguing book at a used book store, nothing fancy on the outside but the title struck me :  Mu the lost continent. I got even more interested when I realised the the … Continue reading

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the glass of leng

Here are some photos of a project I did this summer to kill some time, it is based on a mythos novel which I forgot the name but, it is some extracts of journal, letters and schemas relating to a … Continue reading

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newspaper clippings tutorial

As promised here it is. This little tutorial will explain the basics of replicating newspaper clippings of various levels of age.  As you probably know it, newspaper clippings are the most common prop used in call of cthulhu scenarios. And … Continue reading

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on matchbooks

For one of my recent projects I got to make matchbooks, blank matchbooks. I choose to make them rather than buying them because of the minimal quantity and the price of the purchase (50$ for 2500). So I settled for … Continue reading

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