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eaton catalog

Here are the scans from the old eaton catalog I’ve found recently. This kind of catalog is really useful as documentation and inspiration for games and props. I’ve used it to make my writing tablet design for my upcoming Mu … Continue reading

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don’t worry I’m still into props

And I have inspiration! Recently I found an intriguing book at a used book store, nothing fancy on the outside but the title struck me :  Mu the lost continent. I got even more interested when I realised the the … Continue reading

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newspaper clippings tutorial

As promised here it is. This little tutorial will explain the basics of replicating newspaper clippings of various levels of age.  As you probably know it, newspaper clippings are the most common prop used in call of cthulhu scenarios. And … Continue reading

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pAmmican label

These are some alternate labels for pemmican blocks, complete with wrong orthograph, just like those that the starkweather moore expedition pick up in australia.

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printable stuff

I f you remember of my miskatonic U speciment shipping box I did not too long ago, you might be interested by the stickers and labels I made for it. Here they are in their high-resolution JPEG glory :

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